The craftsman

Marcel Barang, publisher, editor, copy editor, but mostly literary translator from the Thai on his third life, after teaching for a few unhappy years and then a quarter century as a mostly freelance journalist. Sixty-nine years young most days. Workaholic. Drug addict (cigarettes andcaffein, pastis). Hates all sports except cycling, for historical reasons. Single again, one daughter.

At 59 in Marseilles (© GB)

At 27 as a journalist in Paris (© MB)

At 23 as a professor (!) in Phnom Penh (© JR)





Main outlets:
1) Thai fiction in translation (about forty Thai novels and collections of short stories translated into English or French or both and published as e-books, also available from immaté;
2) personal blog: the written wor(l)d en deux langues, mostly on literary and linguistic topics, mostly in English mais avec un peu de français quand même;
3) Thai fiction in English (a backlog of Thai short stories published in print, mostly in the Bangkok Post between 2008 and 2011);
4) chansongs (songs in French to English or English to French translation); and
5) this blog.

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